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Sales & Solutions is an active sales agency with the stated goal of continuously monitoring the active market of the plastics industry in order to offer you high-quality, tailor-made solutions for your application. This applies for the raw materials sector and the machinery and systems you that you require. You define your goals - we determine the approach to your solution and assist you in the implementation.

Based on extensive sales experience and a worldwide active network of partners we offer optimal results for your company based on your individual requirements in order to stabilise your position in a highly competitive market. As a result, we are able to provide you with lasting added value on the basis of innovative solutions.

By analysing your current local situation, demonstrating strategies for further development and developing solutions for your products and machinery, Sales & Solutions offers you the complete package.


Bernd Hänschen
Dipl.-Ing. / Sales Engineer

Brauereistrasse 2 I D-32425 Minden I Germany
Phone +49 (0)571 388 69 40 | Mobil +49 (0)171 317 55 80

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