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ICMA San Giorgio S.p.A. manufactures co-rotating extruders and complete compounding and extrusion systems (so called Direct Extrusion or In-Line compounding) for the production of compound and master-batch, foils and sheets and special execution products.

Product portfolio:
Twin Screw Extruders
The range of the standard twin-screw co-rotating extruders, the high-torque version and high-volume, which covers all types of compounded or master-batch products.

Compounding & Masterbatch Systems
ICMA specializes in supplying turn-key solutions during many years as a result of its engineering capabilities.

Direct Extrusion Systems
The Direct Extrusion allows to combine in one step the compounding and the extrusion phases, delivering significant great advantages including energy savings.

Plastic Recycling Machines & Plants
The twin-screw co-rotating extruder is presently the highest performing machinery we have at disposal, to meet the growing requirements of the recycling process.

WPC Extruder
We successfully pioneered, FIRST IN THE WORLD, the process technology for producing a thermoformable sheet for automotive interior trims made of virgin or recycled polypropylene and wood flour.

Lab Extruder
Lab scale units for compounding or extrusion systems at the highest standard represent key products ICMA can offer.

Relevant Markets:

ICMA San Giorgio S.p.A. today operates in several markets that arise in various states of the value chain. It spans from upstream sectors such as PETROCHEMICAL until reaching markets closer to the consumer sector serving either for compounding or sheet/profile extrusion several vertical markets like AUTOMOTIVE, CONSTRUCTION, WHITE GOODS and PACKAGING.

Plastics have become the material of choice in many interior and exterior automotive plastics applications.

Packaging is a key driver for plastic application and innovation. Smart extrusion solutions are what ICMA offers.

ICMA offers to Construction several possibilities from compounding to sheet, profile and pipe extrusion.

White Goods
In the white good industry ICMA has served some major international group by supplying, among the other, high output compounding systems.

ICMA's extruders and extrusion lines offer more than 40 years of experience of recycling applications. Opportunities are wide and more and more critical as circular economy business models re-shape entire industries.




PROMIXON S.r.l. is specialised in building machinery and equipment for mixing plastics and for powder coatings.

Plastics and PVC Mixing Solutions:


Mixing Plants for Powder Coating:




IMG is a young company with an experienced and highly qualifed staff. We are always looking for new technologies that can improve our customer’s work and give them a complete service to within the injection machineries world: a qualifed technical service, interesting spare parts solutions, old machinery inspection, sale of second-hand and new machines created and designed for the customer. Thanks to our customers, we have always worked for something more than just what market already offered and achieved amazing results.

Special solutions and innovative systems make for IMG molding machines possible to offer a lot of different molding technologies:

To get the best performance from your machine and improve its productivity, we have a wide range of accessories, available in stock, for any brand and model.




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