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Sales & Solutions has extensive experience in domestic and international distribution, sales and industrial consultancy. Sales & Solutions is your contact partner and consultant in matters of sustainably exploiting new markets or gaining access to the German market. Specialising in the plastics engineering sector - where products become increasingly complex each day and the raw materials are in constant flux - we provide the necessary technology and flexibility required by the market. We show you flexible possibilities for competitive manufacturing of your future products. We help leading manufacturers implementing their existing and proven technology into new applications. This step often failed or is unsuccessful due to a lack of understanding of the national market, technical background knowledge or simply a lack of capacity. In this case and many others, we offer solutions that we can realise together with you as a team.



Bernd Hänschen
Dipl.-Ing. / Sales Engineer

Brauereistrasse 2 I D-32425 Minden I Germany
Phone +49 (0)571 388 69 40 | Mobil +49 (0)171 317 55 80

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